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Selling Watercolor Paintings and Limited Edition Prints for the Home or Office. Viewers are attracted to my watercolors because it seems they are most interested in my technique and use of color. Most have never seen an approach to a traditional medium painted in such a unique manner. The use of color and brushwork is the most notable difference. I use rich layers of vibrant color against strong contrasting darks to give my paintings dimension and the fractured brush strokes demonstrating a clean graphic quality, provide texture and emit emotion from the viewer. To achieve this provocative painting style I use liquid masking fluid extensively as a blocking agent for the colors and brushwork. This was derived from my early years as an artist while working for a silk screen printmaker preparing the color separations. Combining all of these methods, the viewer has seen the birth of a modern sophisticated watercolor style which I call Graphic Realism, a realistic painting with a graphic undertone.

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