Maryland Public Television had Adele on “The Artist Den” and if it comes on your Public Television Station it’s not to be missed. You will see why Adele was so deserving of winning 6 Grammy Awards.  Adele is performing on stage in front of a small audience in an intimate atmosphere  with just her and the Gentleman playing piano. Waiting for every syllable and sound to flow off the tongue with ease, Adele holds you hostage for 1 hour with that remarkable voice of Her’s. I give a Big Thank You for Public Television!



If I don’t get impatient, the sun will come out tomorrow!



One Stop Shop!

You go into a store to buy vitamins and shampoo and you come out with paper towels, a garden hose, a pair of socks, a bag of onions and a couch….That’s the NEW American Way, One Stop Shop!



It was good to be back home in Delaware County this weekend doing the Blarney Bus Bar Crawl.  Had fun, but think I am getting too old for this.  I can’t handle all that smoke, Drinks, Yes, Smoke, No! I came out of the bars smelling like a 96 year old chain smoker with emphysema.

I actually thought it was called “The Barney Bus Crawl”, I guess,  because after you’ve been drinking all day, You’re always telling people, you Don’t Even know, How Much you Love Them…I Love you, You love Me, We’re a Hap-pee Fam-il-lee….”Oops”, Sorry, I spilled Beer on you, “I Love you Man”!

March can’t get much better than this, Sun, Wind and Warmth, I Love it, but those wind chimes are driving me Crazy!

Staying in  my jammies today and watching the postponed Daytona 500 having snacks and drinks with umbrellas in them!