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The 24th Annual Manayunk Art Showheld in Historic Manayunk on Main Street just minutes west of Center City, Philadelphia, is nestled along the banks of the Manayunk Canal and must be added to your summer events schedule.
Hours: Saturday, June 22, 11-7 pm and Sunday, June 23, 11-5 pm.
There will be 250 Artisans  selling their Paintings, Photography,  Jewelry, Glass, Wood, Iron, Pottery and Clothing. Food Vendors, Shops , Restaurants and Bars will be Open along Main Street. For easier parking, take the shuttle bus.($3.00 donations) For locations and information visitwww.manayunk.com 
I will be exhibiting and selling both my originals and prints. in Booth: #206 at the corner of Recter and Main Streets.
I hope to see you there and remember to bring your comfy walking shoes. -Beth         bethpalser.com



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Do you remember  Encyclopedias? There is a generation out there who has no idea what I am talking about. Encyclopedia (en si klo pe de a), is a book or set of books with alphabetically arranged articles on all branches of knowledge. I can remember when my  Dad bought a set of Collier’s Encyclopedias for our family, it was in the 80’s when I was in high school.  I was so excited to get these books because  I spent so much time  researching in the library and I now I could do my research right from  home. Dad ordered it on a payment plan, which meant we received three books each month. Now that is fine if you are doing a report on Art History or Civil Engineering, but if your Social Studies required you to do a report on South America, by the time SOD-TZU volume 18 came in, it would be summer.  Can you believe I still have the whole collection of Collier’s… I wonder if they are worth any money? I still use them to this day but, not in the way you would think. After I am finished a watercolor painting, I spray a light mist of water on the back of the painting and then lay the encyclopedias down as a weight to flatten the paper and remove any buckling that may have occurred. On a large painting I use the entire 20 volume set….My Dad would be so proud that his hard earned money did not go in vain.  Thank you Collier’s Encyclopedia for the many years of knowledge!

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Rittenhouse Square 7th Annual Fall Fine Art Show is held on the sidewalks of Rittenhouse Square Park at 18th and Walnut Street, Phila., Pa. 19107 . Hours are Friday, 11-7, Saturday,11-6 and Sunday, 11-5

I will be exhibiting and selling my watercolors in booth #55 in the middle of the block on West Rittenhouse  (19th St.) info: www.bethpalser.com.  

This is an ORIGINAL Fine Art Show and will feature oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, mixed mediaprint-making and sculpture. ONLY original artwork will be for sale, no photography, crafts and reproductions are permitted. So please come out, Circle the Square and Support the Arts!   Information: www.rittenhousesquareart.org


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I am exhausted, this weekend beat me up! During set-up on Friday there was bad weather pending so we set up in record time, the rain started just as we were walking to our car….phew. Lugging the art on my hand truck on the grassy tree-rooted hill was a struggle and quite a workout. Saturday’s weather was beautiful as well as part of Sunday. However, Sunday afternoon all the artists had their phones turned to the weather center and a HUGE  storm cell was coming, we just didn’t know when.  The show was officially over at 5pm, but around 3;30 several artists started bringing in the art off the outer walls and closing down the sides, thankfully I was one of them……nothing got ruined. About 3:45, thunder and lightning started and then 5 minutes later the Heavens opened up. I was one of the lucky ones that had 4 bays of hay to put in front of my booth to prevent the flowing rain and mud from coming into my booth, remember this show was at MT Gretna. We frantically put my livelihood in  their boxes  up off the ground and proceeded to take down everything except the canopy, which  gave us shelter. Now, if you think about this for a moment, Lightning is all around us in the park as we the artists are standing in our 10′ x 10′ Metal Tents under Large Trees waiting til 5pm for the show promoters to let us bring our vans onto the streets……Not a smart thing. Once we got the okay, we walked 1/4 to a 1/2 mile in the downpour to get our vans. Needless to say, I was soaking wet, but I actually received a few compliments saying I looked good with my hair all wet, however the black eyes from the mascara was not a good look. I’m glad I have friends who said, “Aw, Beth wipe your eyes”, which was immediately followed by “How do I look, do I have mascara all over too?” Now, with mud soaked grass and light rain,we pushed our loaded down  hand truck up the hill. This was extremely difficult and took two of us to manage. By the time everything was loaded in the van, I was beat, I couldn’t tell what was sweat or rain all over my body with mud splatter all over my legs up to my shorts. When we got home we unloaded the art and then ate our Wawa hoagies. After dinner I could hardly walk up the 13 steps to get a shower, so I took a short cut and  just washed the mud off of my legs and then crashed into bed. This Monday morning I did absolutely nothing except lay on the couch. I am going to make Tilapia for dinner……who am I kidding, I am going to ask my husband if we can get a pizza.

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"Little Beffy"

To see the world as they see it;  the Innocence, Joy, Purity, Peace, the ease to Love, the Trusting of one another, the ability to Listen and Learn, the ease to Forgive, the Curiosity, the adventure each day brings, the Wonderment and the Smile………the Smile that comes so Freely.


If maturing, didn’t mean losing these attributes of a child, the world would be a better place……….. Don’t lose that Little Johnnie or Little Beffy that lies within each of us, bring out your inner child and Smile today!  -by beth palser

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I am getting my artwork ready for the Immaculata University Art Show,  so I will be framing today. It’s a dreary day in Oxford,  perfect to be in the basement all day.  For those interested, below is the info for  2011 Immaculata  Art show.

IU Art Show 2011

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Immaculata University Fine Art Show

Celebrating 28 Years of Original Art

Free & Open to Public:
May 13-22, 2011
Weekdays & Saturdays: 10 am- 6 pm
Sundays: Noon- 5 pm
Special Hours: Friday, May 13: 10 am- 8 pm
Immaculata University
Alumnae Hall
1145 King Road
Immaculata, PA 19345Preview Party: Details to follow
Friday May 13, 2011

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