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Getting comp tickets for skiing, Love it! This will be my first time skiing since I was 12 years old skiing on the Bunny Hill with Sally. I  don’t remember too much from that skiing trip, however, I Do remember us  snowmobiling. Here’s two young 12 year olds who can’t weigh 80 pounds, and the owners of the snowmobile rentals said we were to light to ride by ourselves, surprising enough, even to us, we convinced them to give us our own vehicle……Big Mistake! As we are riding down the snow paths, Sally is in front of me and within the first three minutes runs into a tree. I am laughing my ass off and soon I am wrap myself around a tree. The instructors  removed our vehicles from the tree and now were off and running….don’t you know we did it again two minutes later, they removed the vehicles from the tree, Again! Finally we are out of the path and into open snowy fields. I absolutely loved feeling the cold wind in your hair, on your face and in your teeth, Yes teeth, because I was laughing so much!

About an hour goes by, and our time has run out so we need to return the snowmobiles. I remember how bad it was to maneuver through the paths so I decided to take a short cut back to the office. I saw an open hill that had only one obstacle…a clothes line full of clothes and sheets. I saw everyone down at the office waiving to me so I ventured on down. They were actually waiving  for me NOT to come down this way. In my head, I saw them saying, “Come on down”. So here I am with excitement flying down the hill, when all of a sudden I hit a bump and my snowmobile veered in the direction of the clothesline…. I was out of control! I got entangled in the clothesline and was trailing fresh laundry behind me. What a sight this must have been, a scared 12 year old on a snowmobile with  sheets and underwear flying in the wind and everyone chasing me. I returned the snowmobile to the office and they asked me Not to return.

I hope I don’t disappoint my friends on this ski trip.


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I wanted a portable record player that I could take to slumber parties, a stuffed animal that had a built in radio under its belly, barbie dolls and barbie clothes,  Easy Bake Oven and a paint by number  set. Nothing has really changed as I got older, I still like music, art, cooking and I want real clothes with accessories to dress ME up.

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We started our Friday at the beach in Ocean City, building sand castles, riding the waves, eating Mack-n-Mancos and riding the rides. I never would have thought after going on 4 spinning rides that the Tea Cups did me in, that sucker kept spinning  around and around so fast that I had to go to the bench and sit down…..I thought I was going to hurl, I love Mac’s pizza, but I don’t want to taste it a second time. Needless to say, she rode the rest of the rides by herself.

The rain hindered our outings the rest of the weekend, so we stayed inside playing games and watching movies that had hamsters in them. This weekend I learned that I am not the keen player of my youth, this little girl kicked my butt at UNO 8 games to 3 and loved every minute of it….. her WIN dance is way better than mine. However, I did display my WIN dance with the Parchesi game, although she thought I was having an epileptic fit and asked me to please stop. One good thing about a child coming to stay with you, is that you get to eat all the snacks  that you have deprived yourself all these years……. I actually had a belly ache after she left!

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"Little Beffy"

To see the world as they see it;  the Innocence, Joy, Purity, Peace, the ease to Love, the Trusting of one another, the ability to Listen and Learn, the ease to Forgive, the Curiosity, the adventure each day brings, the Wonderment and the Smile………the Smile that comes so Freely.


If maturing, didn’t mean losing these attributes of a child, the world would be a better place……….. Don’t lose that Little Johnnie or Little Beffy that lies within each of us, bring out your inner child and Smile today!  -by beth palser

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These are the little things in life we miss as we are adults.  Gosh….. to live the life of a kid just for one summer. Where would we start. The first thing I would do is stay up late and sleep in til 11:00. When I wake up I  have a bowl of crunch berries ( none of that fiber stuff),  contemplate what I will do for the day, now I’m bored so I think I will  take a nap.  12;30 rolls around, I think I’ll give Holly a call and see if she wants to go to the pool or play some wall-ball.  After that, I think I will call Janie and see if she wants to go to the Mall, then ring Kim to go out with the Girls for the evening. This is just the first day, can you imagine having the whole summer to yourself…….my teacher friends surely are the lucky ones.

Enough day dreaming, have to go earn some money so I can pay for my 2 week summer vacation.

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I am back in Oxford settling into my studio today doing the business aspect of the artist world. The Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show in Philadelphia was successful. A big thanks to my customers for their purchases, I love knowing that my paintings are going to a special home and will be appreciated. It’s always great to see how your work is received from the public, but it’s very rewarding selling your art and making money from something you love to do for a living.

Each painting  I produce is like my baby; I watch them develop and grow from their beginning stages of life  and turn into something wonderful  as they mature. The proud parent that I am, I put them on display for the world to meet, and sometime in their life, someone will fall in love with them and I will have to let them go…… until that time I cherish every moment together.  Once there is a marriage between customer and painting, I know my baby will be leaving, so I give him one last kiss goodbye and wish him well with his new family. As I watch my child walking away with his new family there is a moment of sadness, but then I look down at the money in my hand and I am excited that I can go on making more children………This is the life of an artist.  – by Beth Palser

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This got me thinking. Can you imagine, as adults, if we took out our coloring books and crayons the next time we were waiting at the doctor’s office or at the DMV. Instead of coloring Frosty or Dora we are now coloring Celebrities and World News. I wonder if we would stay in the lines coloring Charlie Sheen or choose pretty colors for the Politician.

What do you say……. Next time the bills are piling up,  Let’s trade that bottle of scotch in for a box of  Crayolas and Let’s sit down and color……..be a kid,  at least for a half hour.

Beth Palser

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