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elfreths alley 4th of july

“America’s Independence” Celebrate your Spirit to be American this weekend; Decorate your lawn or your bike with red, white and blue, Go to a parade and wave a flag, Salute your troops and give thanks to a soldier, Have a slice of watermelon or apple pie, Ride a wave or jump in the pool, Throw a volleyball or some horseshoes, Play kick the can and eat a hot dog, Light a sparkler or a punk, Take a rock and smash some caps, Watch the fireworks or better yet have a kiss under the fireworks, But above all of this, Be kind to your fellow-man, Have lots of fun and laugh until your sides hurt. Most importantly, Stand Proud and Tall to be an American because men fought for our Independence and gave us the freedom to do all of these things in this Beautiful Land of Ours. Happy 4th of July America. -bp


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Elfreth's Alley, by Beth Palser

 The 51st Brandywine Festival  of the Arts Show will take place on Saturday, Sept. 10th, 9-6 pm and Sunday, Sept. 11th, 9-4 pm. Held in Brandywine Park on 1001 North Park Drive along the scenic Brandywine River in Wilmington, Delaware, 19802. Admission is $5, children under 12 free. There will be arts, crafts, music, food and beer and wine gardens. Visit  www.brandywinearts.com.I will be exhibiting my watercolors and prints  such as this “Elfreth’s Alley” at booth # F-59 in the field .  I look forward to seeing you.

Beth Palser (www.bethpalser.com).

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